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Year 1






           Mrs Will (Teacher)                                  Mrs Walsh (Teaching Assistant)               Mrs Pateman (Teaching Assistant)


Welcome to the Year 1 Class Page.


As we go through the year you will be learning all about the United Kingdom and the capital cities so you will be able to show where the fire of London started and what happened in 1666 and changes which took place afterwards.

We’ll also be investigating other places around the world, sometimes hot and sometimes very cold! We’ll be taking a look at some of the unusual animals which live there and find out how to classify them into groups.

As we move into the summer term we are going to look at ‘robots’ and their similarities and differences to us! We will look at the types of toys which were played with in the past compared to what you play with now.

Along the way, we’ll be playing lots of games to help us learn, lots of art and DT to improve our skills and lots of PE to keep us fit.  If you want to know more about what we will learn in detail, take a look at the Year 1 curriculum document and then the subject pages too.

If you have any questions, mums or dads can always talk to us when they drop you off or pick you up, but they can also message us through the ‘Seesaw’ app, where we will be sharing all the exciting and wonderful things you do in school.


For your information, PE is on Mondays and Wednesdays and Forest School is on Wednesday too.

Homework is due in by Friday and there is a spell check every Friday too.