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Welcome to the PTFA section of our website. 


The children of St John’s CE Primary School are at the heart of why the PTFA exists.  We are a mix of parents, teaching staff and friends, NONE of us are specialists in fundraising but we are very passionate about raising funds for our children to benefit from.  


The PTFA exists to provide closer links between home and school and it has proven to be an excellent way to bring St John’s CE Primary School staff, parents and friends together socially in support our school, working towards a common goal.  


We work together to run fun events for our children at school and support the school in purchasing and providing additional resources for our children’s education.   


A selection of our fun activities throughout the year has included: themed discos, Christmas Fair, Summer Fair, Movie Nights and Chocolate Bingo.  Our fundraising has allowed the PTFA to invest many thousands of pounds back into projects for our children enrichening their lives at school.  As a result, School have been able to purchase several additional iPads, an external Christmas pantomime company to visit school, sports kits for sports teams in school and school dictionaries and thesauruses for use in KS2 classes.   


The PTFA rely on parent volunteers to make our events possible, our volunteers help in a variety of ways including preparing for events, running stalls at events, tidying away tables, sweeping the floor, wrapping presents, writing letters, etc.  Some parents might be able to help at every event or just once a year, whatever help is offered, all is very much appreciated and everyone doing a small amount enables great events to be run successfully for our children of our school. 


Why not come along to one of our regular meetings to say “Hi” and see what we do? We are a friendly bunch and always welcome help and fresh ideas.  You can find us on Facebook by searching St John's CE School Burscough PTFA and contact us via the office or email