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Who’s Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Headteachers - Mrs K Cartwright and Mrs J Wallington



Miss A Souther (Year 6)

Mrs Y Lewitzky (Year 5)

Mrs L Meadows (Year 5)

Mrs L Belger (Year 4)

Mrs C Knowles (Year 3)

Mrs J Wallington (Year 3)

Mrs R Melton (Year 2)

Miss P Will (Year 1)

Miss H Rae (Reception)


Teaching Assistants-

Miss S Hughes (Year 5)

Mrs S McCall (Year 5)

Mrs J Stringman (Year 4)

Miss H Forshaw (Year 3)

Mrs H Bevan (Year 3)

Mrs S Evans (Year 2)

Mrs L Walsh (Year 1)

Mrs S Pateman (Year 1)

Mrs S Mayren (Reception)

Mr A Evans (PE and Forest School)

Miss H Nicholson (PE KS1)


Other Staff -

Mrs J McBride - Bursar

Mr P Thomas - Caretaker

Miss S Russell - Cleaner


Kitchen Staff

Mrs J Lawson

Mrs S Gibb-Cullen


Welfare Assistant

Mrs T Baker

Miss S Hughes 

Mrs S McCall

Mrs L Pateman

Miss H Forshaw