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Welcome to the Reception class page 

Reception Class is the first class of children to attend St John’s CE Primary School.

Miss Rae and Mrs Mayren work in the Reception Class and love to get to know the new children and help them become fantastic members of our school! Starting school is an important and exciting time for children and their families. We strive to ensure every child settles quickly so we can work together to ensure they make excellent progress.We offer a well-resourced play-based environment and have a team of adults working to support and challenge children in all areas of development.
In Reception we aim to support the children to be lifelong learners. We strive to do this by developing their characteristics of effective learning, i.e exploring new experiences, being creative with their thinking, using what they know and building resilience and perseverance. We do all of this through a play-based curriculum that focuses on developing the children’s knowledge and understanding through their interests and needs. We 
work on becoming members of a new school community. We learn to form new friendships, be more independent, follow structures and routines and to let our big personalities shine! You will find us outside in all weathers (we provide waterproofs!) as we acknowledge that outdoor learning provides many benefits to a child’s learning. 

We come together in small or large groups throughout the day for teacher led learning. This is an opportunity where our teaching can build on what the children have been doing and introduce new knowledge and skills that they can take into their play. We prioritise developing children’s language and communication skills and the teaching of reading is an integral part of each child’s reception year. We immerse the children in reading experiences, ensuring they have a love of reading from the beginning. This is also supported by daily phonics lessons. 
We very much value the wealth of knowledge you have about your child as a learning. We have two parents evenings a year and then you will receive a formal report at the end of your child’s reception year.